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Renwick Updates

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Yesterday in Smithsonian history

Yesterday marks the fiftieth anniversary of the proposal for creation of the Renwick Gallery as the Smithsonian's center for American arts and crafts. 

In this letter, Secretary of the Smithsonian S. Dillon Ripley writes to U.S. President Lyndon Johnson, "On our recent walk through the building we discussed the possibility that this fine old structure (whose architect, James Renwick, designed our red turreted castle on the Mall) might serve again as a museum."


Dedicated to Art

A view of the declaration "Dedicated to Art," which is carved into the pediment over the doorway.  As true today as it was in 1861!


Grand Salon or science fiction film set?

Recognize this room? Our Grand Salon is being used as the HQ for the renovation team, who are hard at work inside.


Check Out That View!

The Renwick Gallery has the best piece of real estate in town! Check out this view of the Old Executive Office Building from the roof (which is currently being replaced). The team is hard at work on this beautiful summer day!