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This is my favorite thing because...

Visitors have shared their favorite artworks with us, and you can too! Tell us about your favorite Renwick Gallery artworks on social media using #RenwickGallery, and you may find yourself featured here.

made with bleached Honduras mahogany
Wendell Castle
The Ghost Clock is my favorite Renwick artwork because it reminds me of a tall slender lady with a flowing open-back dress, almost like a woman in a Watteau painting. And I love it because it is truly wonder-ous in its magical carved illusion of real fabric drapery….how DOES he do that? And because it silences the ticking of time, what a relief! It also makes me proud that the artist hails from a small Kansas town and became the finest woodworker in all of America.
- Betsy
made with flash glass, vitreous paint, silver
Judith Schaechter
It has a superior technique which produces a richness and sense of wonder-and yet, her work is SO dark and scary it almost looks forbidden.
Made from cut and hand-carved mahogany
Jacob Cress
It not only brings to life, in a very clever and funny way, the personality of this chair, but represents, in a wider context, the living presence that many of us sense exists in the objects which we love, that live with us.
- Judith
made of porcelain
Ruth Duckworth
The bowl-like disc draws me in every time – it both radiates from and bores into the surrounding composition. I like the simple, clean porcelain surface too. It’s one of the first things I saw at the Renwick.
made with painted glass and wood
Carol Cohen
The artist has created a magical morphing image using only a few panes of glass and a little paint; simple and uncanny.
made with porcelain and glaze
Cliff Lee
Its simplicity belies the god-like patience that the artist pours into his work.
Peter Danko
The name of it makes me pause and question everyday things and reminds me that they can be beautiful.
Jen Stark
This artwork is beautiful! I love the artist use of bold color and geometric design. Jen Stark really creates a stunning view of the cosmos.
- Ryan
artwork made of sweetgrass and split brown ash
Irene McDonald
Not only is this basket beautiful because of the loops of black ash all over its surface, but the sweet grass braided in the middle makes it smell good. I wasn’t expecting a full sensory experience.
Laurel Roth Hope
I love Laurel Roth Hope’s wry sense of humor in her series Biodiversity Reclamation Suits for Urban Pigeons. They charm us, even as we’re forced to face up to the sad facts about how many bird species have been lost to extinction.
made with fiberglass, black auto-body type epoxy resin, polyurethane resin, plywood, plastic found objects including beads, buttons, poker chips, badminton birdies, ping pong balls, rhinestones, coins, dice, plastic figurines, combs, miniature pinball games, dominoes, chess pieces, pool balls, etc.
Larry Fuente
Something about the baby doll arm and dentures make this piece incredibly disturbing. However, the fact Game Fish elicits such a strong reaction is why I think it is great. Art is supposed to provoke reactions, right?
made of fired enamels on sandblasted glass and found objects
Susie Krasnican
I fell in love with Susie’s work before I met my wife-to-be. Much art glass focuses on the use of the medium, glass. Susie’s work also deals with contemporary issues, in this piece, what are the keys to women’s success in our society?